Eyelash extensions

2D - 9D Volume Technique

In this technique fine single lashes are shaped by hand and glued to a natural eyelash. The lashes are made of 3 to 9 silk lashes depending on the customer's desire.
With this type of eyelash extensions you get a lot of volume. There are between 200 and 500 glued eyelashes per eye.
This technique is especially preferred by ladies who want a very eye-catching look.
Ideal for those who prefer the "Hollywood Diva Look".

1: 1 Eyelash Extensions Technique

In this technique, each eyelash is covered with an artificial eyelash.
We have two variants to offer. 80 pieces per eye or 10 pieces per eye.
The more eyelashes the thicker lashes you become.
Ideal for entering the world of permanent eyelash extensions.

HD Volume Technology

This is the latest method of eyelash extensions.
The finest silk eyelashes with mixed-length are formed by hand and each individual natural eyelash covered with them.
This technique combines naturalness and volume. 250 - 400 glued eyelashes per eye. Depending on the request of a customer. These artificial eyelashes are feather-light and therefore have highest wearing comfort.
This is probably currently most used eyelash extensions method.

Prices of eyelash extensions

1: 1 technique 80 pieces per eye New99.00 €
1: 1 technique 100 pieces per eye New119.00 €
Refilling in 3 weeks45.00 €
Refilling in 4 weeks55.00 €
Refilling in 5 weeks65.00 €

After 6 weeks, the new price will be calculated

Volume techniques New199.00 €
Refilling in 3 weeks55.00 €
Refilling in 4 weeks65.00 €
Refilling in 5 weeks75.00 €

After 6 weeks, the new price will be calculated