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With this valuable addition to traditional healing methods, we activate the natural self-healing power and gently harmonize the flow of energy.

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-Certified massage and wellness therapist

The meaning of Ruhpolding
thus Ruahbading
Ruah - the world soul, the primal light
Ba - the ghost from the soul, the ghost from the body
Ding - the human, the material

Ruah Ba massage
A holistic, energetic massage combines intuitive impulse touches with various massage treatments from Western and Eastern massage practice and involves the whole body including the energetic level in the massage process. The combination of different treatment methods relaxes the muscles of the entire body, acts gently on the meridians (energy channels) and the chakras (energy centres), releases physical and mental tensions and regenerates the natural energy cycle.
The aim of the Ruah-Ba-Ding massage is to achieve through gentle touch deep relaxation and relief of the whole body, to increase the wellbeing and to activate the self-healing power.
 90 min70,00 €
Intuitive healing flows
Energy flows (also Qi or Ba vibration) brings balance into the energy system of our body, thereby promoting health and wellbeing. Thereby it supports our own self-healing power.
It is a valuable and significant supplement to traditional healing methods. Through deep relaxation, it can rebalance our mind, body and spirit and reduce the effects of stress.
It can be used both as self-help and support for other treatments.
45-60 min40,00 € 
Classic massage - only back60 min55,00 €
Classic massage - full body60 min55,00 €
Classic massage - full body90 min70,00 €
Hot Stone massage90 min80,00 €
Reflexology feet relaxing massage45 min45,00 €
Foot reflexology and leg massage60 min55,00 €
Aroma oil massage full body60 min60,00 €
Aroma oil massage full body90 min75,00 €
Classic massage (back) and spine joint method after Dorn60 min55,00 €
Classic massage (back) and spine joint method after Dorn90 min70,00 €

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