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Angelika Gstatter

Facials after Gertraud Gruber Natural Cosmetics

Refreshing / Fresh Kick ... Facial treatment with Aloe Vera gel and exotic refreshing mask.40 min38.00 €
Peeling/Cleansing... Deep Cleansing Facial.60 min48.00 €
The harmonizing / short break... Balancing facial treatment with relaxation massage.80 min70.00 €
Additional extras for the facials are bookable.  


Kleiner Bergsteiger... herbal foot bath with foot reflexology massage.25 min28.00 €
Kleiner Alpenrausch... partial body massage gives new energy and harmonises the whole organism.30 min38.00 €
Großer Alpenrausch... treat yourself to this full body massage, which includes face and feet. A blessing for body and soul.60 min68.00 €
Alpenkräuter-Stempel Massage... experience the perfect relaxation. Tapping, stroking and circles with warm herbal stamps stimulates the metabolism, relaxes the muscles and pampers the skin.60 min89.00 €

Beautiful hands and tender feet

Pampering manicure... soothing care for your hands. Hand peeling, manicure, massage, nail oil treatment. €60 min30.00 to 35.00 €
depending on nail polish
Cosmetic pedicure ... Gentle care for your feet. Foot bath, pedicure, massage and nail oil treatment.60 min25.00 €
 with nail polish30.00 € to 35.00 €

Please make an appointment and book your desired time before arrival.
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